Jeff Boyce

Health and Wellness – Jeff Boyce 2018

As you know over the past few years I have been very focused on improving my overall health.  As I entered into my 50s while I had energy and vitality I noticed that I had some challenges. For example rest… from time to time I felt anxious for no apparent reason. I had less strength and my diet was not optimal.

 As a younger man I was very athletic and was very involved in power lifting for strength gains and played multiple sports. I took supplements, ate and rested well. As I entered the career place and married the love of my life - well... life happens. I packed on some extra pounds - not a lot mind you but my athleticism suffered. 

 In 2015 I decided to really focus on fitness and lifestyle improvements. I modified my diet, had blood tests run to determine vitamin deficiencies and began strength training and cardio program. 

(BTW – a plug for NaturoMedica in Issaquah, WA.) They literally got me on my way and I believe saved me from becoming a statistic (in the negative sense.)

I learned that I had chronically elevated cortisol levels and my neurotransmitters where out of balance. I also was low in Vitamin D and several other items. This was due to stress levels at home and work without really allowing myself to recover and I did not have a solid cardio vascular base built up. 

Armed with this information I embarked upon a fitness and wellness journey!

 I was excited about the initial results that I achieved but I learned that a 50+ body and joints recover much differently than a 20 or 30 something. Moreover, many of the programs that I engaged in were aimed at much younger men. While I achieved phenomenal strength gains - I learned all about over training and the importance of undulating my volume and intensity.

As of this writing - I have lost over 35 pounds, added 20 pounds of lean muscle. Importantly, my overall VO2 max / cardio performance is better than it has been in my life.