Health and Wellness – Jeff Boyce 2018

As you know over the past few years I have been very focused on improving my overall health.  As I entered into my 50s while I had energy and vitality I noticed that I had some challenges. For example rest… from time to time I felt anxious for no apparent reason. I had less strength and my diet was not optimal.

 As a younger man I was very athletic and was very involved in power lifting for strength gains and played multiple sports. I took supplements, ate and rested well. As I entered the career place and married the love of my life - well... life happens. I packed on some extra pounds - not a lot mind you but my athleticism suffered. 

 In 2015 I decided to really focus on fitness and lifestyle improvements. I modified my diet, had blood tests run to determine vitamin deficiencies and began strength training and cardio program. 

 (BTW – a plug for NaturoMedica in Issaquah, WA.) They literally got me on my way and I believe saved me from becoming a statistic (in the negative sense.)

I learned that I had chronically elevated cortisol levels and my neurotransmitters where out of balance. I also was low in Vitamin D and several other items. This was due to stress levels at home and work without really allowing myself to recover and I did not have a solid cardio vascular base built up. 

Armed with this information I embarked upon a fitness and wellness journey!

 I was excited about the initial results that I achieved but I learned that a 50+ body and joints recover much differently than a 20 or 30 something. Moreover, many of the programs that I engaged in were aimed at much younger men. While I achieved phenomenal strength gains - I learned all about over training and the importance of undulating my volume and intensity.
As of this writing - I have lost over 35 pounds, added 20 pounds of lean muscle. Importantly, my overall VO2 max or cardio performance is better than it has been in my life. I can run circles around men half my age (I just need to be sure to recover - as I cannot recover as quickly as they can.) 

That said - I still needed to learn more about intelligent supplementation. I have subscribed to several online blood testing services to check my overall performance. I devoured books, YouTube videos, spent a lot of time on and then quite recently found a really great resource.
This resource has an incredible wealth of science backed articles and resources for men to either reclaim their health, take it to the next level or be the absolute best version of yourself.  They are a key go to resource of mine - I think you will get a lot of benefit from them yourself.

anabolic health currently is running has an awesome contest where you can enter to win free products and resources to help you along your health and wellness journey.  All you need to do is click on the links below, sign up and start playing! 


Jeff Boyce