Jeff Boyce

Happy 2020!

​I am very grateful for 2019 and very excited about 2020. The Lord has shown up in our family in many ways.  We have had a lot of trials​​ come our direction. At first I did not really understand why trials were happening. Wasn't the Christian life supposed to be abundant?

As I read more of my Bible and prayer time I have learned that this is indeed the case (abundant life) however there is also a time where we need to be refined and tested so that our faith will grow. While the mountain top experience is always great - it is when we are in the midst of  an issue or difficult circumstance that we learn about the true nature of God. 

He comes to us to not produce anxiety - rather peace.  Jesus did tell us that in this life we will have troubles "but to never fear as He has overcome the world. What did this mean specifically to me?

Well - it means that no matter what happens to us - health, finances, relationships, issues with children (we faced all of these in the past couple of years) Jesus promises to provide for us and to deepen our faith and give us an abundant life. We live in a fallen world however we can live as conquerers in Christ!

It is during the valleys that I have grown (and will grow) the most.  I dont always like or understand the timing or God's plan but I can definitely take heart in knowing the following: (learned this from InTouch and reading my Bible)

* God is absolutely sovereign over all things.

* He has a plan for my life - it is the best possible plan that could exist. 

​* God is the complete and total provider for everything. 

* God will provide peace and a permanent home for me.  I can trust Him.

If you are unsure about your life and your future. Give yourself to Christ. Do not waste another second. Pray - "Lord Jesus I am a sinner, please forgive me and take over as Lord and Savior of my life. I recognize you as the Son of God who lived, died and was raised again."

If you prayed this prayer - welcome to the family of God! His word says that anyone who confesses His sins, acknowledges Christ is the Son of God and was raised by the Father will be saved!